Welcome to WPTENET!

Welcome to WPTENET!

We are really excited today to launch WPtenet, a brand new support, consultancy and management service for WordPress.  If you’re here, then you’ve probably already heard about us, and you might be wondering what WPtenet is all about. Well, I’ll tell you.

I’ve been working with WordPress clients for a number of years, building websites, networks and communities. Inevitably the client loves the site and I send them off with instructions on how to keep it updated and maintained. Inevitably people get lax about updating their plugins, themes and WordPress core; backups don’t get taken care of; there’s no one to optimize the database. This isn’t surprising. After all, once you’ve got your website just right and up and running, why would you want to spend more time keeping it up-to-date?

WordPress experts know that maintenance is an essential part of having a fast, secure, usable website. And while I pass that knowledge on to my clients, I know that I can’t expect them to be WordPress experts on top of whatever else their business is doing.

What I needed was a service that I could send my clients to where WordPress would be taken care of for them. I love services like WP Engine and Page.ly, and use them myself, but my clients needed more than WordPress hosting. At the same time, I couldn’t send them to WordPress VIP as that’s just too much cash for an SME.

With nothing out there that suited my clients’ needs, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create something for myself. So here I am today, launching WPtenet. All of my own clients have been moved onto the service and now I’m in a position to offer our help WordPress users from all sorts of backgrounds.

WPtenet is a safe, secure place where you can leave your WordPress website and know that it will be looked after. We also help you to develop your WordPress website, putting at your disposal all of our technical and business knowledge. We’ve tried to find the perfect balance in our plans so that we can help out a whole spectrum of people. If you just want your website maintained we’ve got you covered, and if you need ongoing help with implementing WordPress for your business we can do that too. You can check out our plans to see what we’ve got that suits you.

We work with a number of trusted WordPress services:

  • WP Engine – currently our websites are hosted on WP Engine’s super-fast servers.
  • ManageWP – we use ManageWP to manage and maintain websites in our care.
  • Words for WP – these guys provide all of our content and documentation.
  • Logical Binary – Tammie designed this awesome website and also does customization and design for us.
  • WPMU DEV – we use WPMU DEV plugins and since I spent many years on the WPMU DEV support team I know them pretty darn well.

Launch Offer!

Of course, we couldn’t get away with launching without offering a great deal for our new clients.

  • The first ten signups to our Gold and Platinum plans will get their sites migrated to our servers absolutely free (normally $300/$600)!
  • The next ten signups to our Gold and Platinum plans will get 50% off their site migration!

Check out our plans to see what suits your needs – you’ll find the signup button right there! Every day this week we’ll be publishing content on the blog that should give you a taste of what we do and how we go about our business. We’ll be keeping this up in the coming months with regular posts about WordPress maintenance and using WordPress for your business, so we sure to subscribe to our RSS feed!